“Talking with Farida has a way of shining a light on your thinking and making sense of the confusion. With her help, I was able to overcome my fears and make some changes in my life, which have made me much happier. Farida has a very down to earth approach; she manages to be very professional and human at the same time. I always left my counselling sessions feeling lighter and more in control of my thoughts.”
“I first met and worked with Farida, when I was a 19 year old student at the RSAMD. I immediately found her warm and supportive. Looking back, I see the value of the time we spent together ten fold. Sometimes, we can feel like, this is just who we are and we can't change, or don't know how to start to change. But I believe from my own experience, that change is always possible and the first step towards changing anything is awareness and working with someone like Farida, can be the key that unlocks that awareness.” “Farida provided me with invaluable support during an extremely difficult period. She helped me consider and conclude the actions necessary to improve my life both practically and emotionally; offering useful tools to deal with my predicament and supporting me to find the confidence and self-assurance to act on what felt right for me. Her non- judgemental, relaxed but direct approach to the issues that I faced, significantly shifted my outlook.” "I have found my counselling sessions with Farida a safe and focused place to explore my habits and feelings. Working through the sessions has given me an opportunity to understand myself better and work on being a better version of myself. I have found Farida an encouraging and supportive counsellor; she has held up an honesty mirror that has helped me recognise more of the depths of my feelings and consequently better ways of managing my busy, normal life.”