We all have our own ways of relaxing. Some of us enjoy going to the movies or theatre, others enjoy sport, a walk in nature or just lounging in front of the TV.

And there’s another form of relaxation that can bring you different benefits to resting, fitness or socialising. It’s a life skill that can support you to become more aware of when you’re getting stressed and equips you to return balance to your mind, body and emotions. You will learn to use gentle breathing, focused awareness and your creative mind to let go of tension and invite a sense of ease and peace within.

Relaxation sessions include a Mindfulness approach, which invites you to develop a new kind of relationship with your thoughts and experience. Great for dealing with worry and negative thinking…Mindfulness involves quietly focusing on your breath; learning to observe your thoughts and let them go, rather than getting caught up in the emotion and chaos of them. As you bring more awareness into the here and now, your mind becomes more spacious and at peace. You can then use these skills in everyday life and feel encouraged that you have the inner resources you need to stay grounded and calm.

Relaxation with Mindfulness can be incorporated into a series of counselling sessions, but are also perfect as individual sessions, when life feels too much and you need to regain your equilibrium.

£50 per session.

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